GOAL Dog Days Fundraiser

2017 Dog Days of Summer Fundraiser

Please support our efforts by making a generous donation today! You might be the lucky winner!

Once again we are counting on your support to ensure our continued efforts to protect & restore Second Amendment freedom in Massachusetts. This year one lucky winner will choose from one of three great prize packages!

  1. Sig Sauer 1911 pistol package that includes a Surefire TLR-1s light, a Gunvault Mini Vault and a Bulldog Personal Vault (for car).
  2. Springfield Armory Highlander M1A rifle with one case of 168 gr Federal ammo and an SKB Deluxe Rifle Case.
  3. Mossberg Silver Reserve II O/U 12ga & 20ga shotguns, 1 Case 12ga and 1 Case 20ga Shotshells, and an SKB Deluxe Shotgun Case.

Qualifying Donations

  • Donate $50.00 and receive one free entry 
  • Donate $250.00 and receive five free entries, plus receive a free 2017 GOAL Buck Knife
  • Donate $500.00 and receive ten free entries, plus receive a free deluxe 2017 GOAL Buck Knife
  • Donate $1000.00 and receive twenty free entries, PLUS receive BOTH GOAL Buck Knives for free! BONUS, any donation of $1000.00 or more qualifies donor to win ALL THREE prize packages if their ticket is drawn!
GOAL 2017 Dog Days Fundraiser - Support GOAL and you might win a choice of three great prize packages.
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